Papad Katran
Hand Made papad katran Manufacturers, Supplier and wholesaler/ distributor


Available Packets : Papad Phali 1 KG, Papad Phali 500 GM

We are offering handmade papad katran. Usually papad katran is made by machine, but we prepare both type papad phalli. Handmade papad katran is rich in quality.

We offer a wide range of handmade Papad katran to our customers. These are made of high quality ingredients from pure GREEN GRAM PULSE FLOUR and BLACK GRAM PULSE FLOUR. Our handmade papad Phali is known for its taste and purity. These can be taken as a part of a snack. Our papad katran is packed in airtight packets to maintain its freshness and crispness. 

Ingredients: - 

  • Green gram pulse flour
  • Black gram pulse flour
  • Asafetida
  • Black pepper
  • Barilla(sazi)
  • Iodized salt
  • Sugar
  • Edible vegetable oil & spices.

Way to use: -

  • Best use within 4 month of packaging
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Fry use only

Papad Katran in Jodhpur, Rajasthan- India